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gastronomy of the area

Riogordo specializes in its particular dish of snails, the broth, which is promoted on the last Sunday in May, as it has been declared a festival of singular interest by the Malaga Provincial Council.

Migas and green bean gazpacho are traditional. The peasant baton and paprika are also traditional, due to the high quality of the vegetables irrigated with water from the Río de la Cueva. It should be noted that in Riogordo there are several cooperatives that produce top-quality olive oil, as well as artisan sausages and typical village pastries such as oil donuts.

Typical dishes:


  • Ajoblanco: it is a type of gazpacho without tomato and with ground almonds, which is usually served with peeled grapes or raisins.

  • Snails in caldillo: they can be tasted between the months of May and August.

  • Green bean gazpacho: based on whole green bean grains, tomato, fennel, pepper, spring onion and bread, all of this in small pieces, seasoned with oil, vinegar and salt.

  • Cupcakes: confectionery. Porra campesina: it presents the particularity of being thicker than the rest of the gazpachos. It is a mixture of simple gazpacho without water and salmorejo. It is usually served with boiled eggs, serrano ham and torreznos.

  • Oil cakes: confectionery.

  • And we also find: borrachuelos, cured meats, hazelnut horchata, hornazo, mantecados, toothpicks, paprika, tagarnina stew and hawthorn mushrooms.

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