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what you need to know

from Riogordo

Riogordo is made to enjoy its surroundings, traditions and cultural activities throughout the year. It has the taste of good gastronomy. The smell of grass and earth make you feel in full contact with nature

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Travel in any season of the year

Any time or season of the year is appropriate to travel to Riogordo, where you have a pleasant climate or warm weather and hardly any precipitation. The average maximum temperature in Riogordo is 28°C in July and 13°C in January. 

Riogordo has the mediterranean climate prevailing. Summers are hot and dry and winter temperatures are mild. The average annual temperature is 20° and the average annual precipitation is 201 mm. It does not rain for 249 days per year, the average humidity is 57% and the UV Index is 4.

What to buy in Riogordo?

Handmade artisan products such as ceramics and wood carvings are very typical of this area and a good memory of your time in Riogordo. 

Verdial Extra Virgin Olive Oil, homemade sweets, oil cakes, cold cuts and undercooked are some of the products and delicacies that you can taste and buy in various shops in the town.


A typical custom of ours is "echar la porra", an aperitif to trick the stomach with a good beer or soft drink. If you do it in one of the bars or restaurants, you will most likely stay until later and get hooked on the food, taking advantage of its good cuisine and unbeatable prices.

All combining with its most popular traditions and festivals such as La Feria de Agosto, Día del Caracol, La Molienda, Ruta de Tapa, Cultural Summer Festival, Flamenco Festival and its famous Holy Week and "El Paso de Riogordo" (Festival of Tourist Interest National and Andalusia)

Eating and sleeping in Riogordo

In Riogordo you can eat well anywhere. There is a variety of restaurants, pizzerias and bars where traditional food is worshiped.

There is a lot of rural offer to spend the night for all tastes and pockets. From rural hotels with large capacity, to enjoy with family and friends, to rural houses with less capacity for romantic getaways. 

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